Update From State Senate Bill 11 the Minutes

Update Letter from State Senate

 Our Goals:

On February the 9th, 1997, our son, Chris left our house at approximately 9:30 PM to go play tennis at a lighted court with a friend. Ten minutes later, as he was driving onto the local freeway, a car pulled along side him and shot him in the head. Everything after this is a nightmare, a blur, the most horrible time you can imagine. Every detail of that night is as vivid and real as if it were happening now. But, yet it also seems unreal and dreamlike - as if it never happened. And any minute our handsome, healthy son will come running into the living room to watch a football game or to go over the plans for traveling to the next race that he would be competing in.

Chris lived for 409 days and they were the most horrible yet the most wonderful days you can imagine. Our lives were on a roller coaster with our son the center of everything we did - everything we felt. I plan to write a detailed account of those days, but for now I only want to share with you what our current goals are. We have several. The primary focus of our life now is to do whatever we can to "Fight Back" and do what we can to find the person or persons responsible for taking our son's life. We have a $35,000 reward posted and we have run ads in the Las Vegas papers to be sure the public is aware of the reward. America's Most Wanted would like to update the story in an attempt to find this person. They have already aired Chris' story twice, but so far we do not have any suspects. There have been at least four confessions, but all of these have proven to be untrue. (Why do people do that?) We hope some information will come in to the police soon - until then we will put up posters or anything else we can do.

We also are in contact with members of the Nevada Senate and the Assembly to change the current "Year and a Day Law". There is a 100 year law on the books stating that if someone is hurt by another individual and the injured person lives more than a year and a day - the guilty party cannot be tried for murder. We have a State Senator and an Assemblyman to draft and introduce the bill when the legislature returns in January.

Another goal is to keep Chris' name and spirit alive. His life was exciting and purposeful and so wonderfully happy! I would want the whole world to experience the love and happiness we were so lucky to have shared with Chris. What a great future our son had ahead of him. And what memories we have! I treasure them and hold them close to my heart - next to my memory of my son's wonderful smile.