Current Projects:

 During the days that Chris fought to stay alive and later to work to regain his life, hundreds of people from all over the United States called or sent cards telling us they wanted to help in some way. The first few days we were so confused and so filled with grief that we couldn't think about the answers to these questions. A friend of ours, Jackie Parker (her husband, Jimmy was on Chris' crew) worked at a local bank and she set up a non profit account for people to send their donations and gifts to Chris. He was in the ICU division of the Trauma Center and could not have gifts or flowers. We dedicated the account to the "Make A Wish Foundation" and the money remains in the bank today waiting for us to release it to "Make A Wish". We wanted to have Chris present the check to a child that had a wish to go to a major race track and see a Winston Cup Race. We'll have to present it now on his behalf.

After the first couple weeks Chris proved the surgeons wrong by making slow but steady progress. We knew he would have a very long recovery and we were already having difficulty with the insurance company regarding rehabilitation. They wanted Chris to go straight to a nursing home and we wanted to take advantage of the best rehab hospital we could find.

At this point we opened the medical account for Chris and all the benefit funds and donations were deposited in there. We used this account for expenses the insurance did not cover. When Chris cam home we had his room and the gym outfitted with all the necessary equipment. In March Chris lost his battle and we no longer had a need for the medical account. At this time we have a little over $100,000 left in the account. We cannot use it for Chris now so we have devised a plan to disburse this back to the public by supporting and funding special needs of the victims of violent crime. The foundation has a board of directors comprised of five individuals. By use of the internet we will accept petitions from anyone who has been a victim of a violent crime, but they cannot be a gang member or be involved with committing any
Crime. We are trying to keep the money going to approximately the same type individual as Chris.

If you or someone you know is in need of rehabilitation equipment - wheelchairs, braces, standing frames, etc, please contact us at this address and tell us briefly what the circumstances are and what you require. We will contact you from there.

We hope the we can keep this funding going on for some time and be able to have funds added to the account by donation or fund raisers. We'll see how that goes. Until then we will do what we can to help others in the same situation as Chris was so tragically put into.